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Torrance Pop Warner’s cheer program is designed to inspire our athletes (ages 5 -14) by teaching them the important values of dedication, teamwork, friendship, leadership and good sportsmanship. We encourage all our athletes to meet each new task with a positive attitude, as well as to believe and trust in themselves and each other.

Our goal is to teach our cheerleaders how to support one another and to encourage their teammates through positive reinforcement and mutual respect for their team, their coaches, and TYFC.

TYFC strives to make Cheerleading a FUN, learning experience with lessons that follow them far beyond the spirit of cheering. Each squad is designed to work as a team representing their fellow football players during the games and to demonstrate their athletic abilities on the field and during competitions. Coaches and volunteers are dedicated individuals who enjoy working with and teaching these young girls.


We kick off the season on August 1st. Flag Cheer will end with a local competition held at the end of October or through the beginning of November depending on bowl games.

Competitive teams, Mitey-Mite, Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity will cheer at games through the beginning of November and may then continue with a local and regional competition season through the end of January.

Important Dates:

June 2023  - Uniform fitting and Parent Q&A.  All cheerleaders must attend this meeting.

**Uniform costs are to be paid separately from registration fees. Each uniform is made specifically for each cheerleader and is theirs to keep. Uniforms are approximately $200.   Uniforms include: skirt, vest, liner, socks, spanxs, bow, pom.
**Shoes are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

MANDATORY PLAYER CERTIFICATION: Pop Warner certifications are to ensure player eligibility for each division. It is mandatory that your child attends. If your child cannot be there they will not be certified to play in the 2023 season.

- Date/Time: TBD
- Location: Torrance

Practice starts August 1st! This will be the start of our mandatory conditioning (minimum of 20 hours). Please try to schedule family vacations around this time period, as any conditioning hours missed will need to be made up prior to entering the regular cheer practice schedule.  We strongly recommend that your child begin to prepare for this conditioning at least one month prior to the start date. 


·     August 1st - TBD

CONDITIONING: Week 2  [Days and times are subject to change based on coaches’ availability and preferences; if 10 conditioning hours are not completed within this week, conditioning will continue into the following week until a minimum of 20 total conditioning hours are completed.]

EARLY SEASON PRACTICE : Post-conditioning / Pre-game schedule up to 10 hours/week 

·     Dates TBD but will be three days a week with games on Saturday for the duration of the season

October:   Conference (local)

November:  Wescon Regional Competition  Long Beach


They key to each team’s success will be the cheerleaders, coaches and parents. All will work together to make it a great season and develop the cheerleaders to do their best. 

If you have any questions about our program please don’t hesitate to email [email protected]


Q.When does the season start?
A.  Our season starts August 1st. This will be the start of our mandatory conditioning, which will last for the first 2 weeks (or until a minimum of 20 hours of conditioning is completed). We ask that vacations are not taken during this time otherwise your child will have to make up the hours.  Please contact [email protected] with any questions or issues regarding the start date

Q.  When and where is practice held?
A. The first practice starts August 1st.  Practices will be held at Torrance Park until October and then practices are moved inside to any of the Torrance High Schools cheer room.

Q.  How many football games do the cheer teams cheer at during the season?
A. Typically any where from eight to ten games, not including championship games.

**Cheer teams will have competitions scheduled beyond these dates**

Q.  Where are the games played?
A. Home tackle football games are held at Torrance High school football stadium.  There are typically 2 home games a season for our tackle teams.

Flag typically plays one or two games at Torrance High School. Most of their games will be held other locations throughout our conference.

We are part of Southern California  Conference and we will play teams surrounding Torrance, including (but not limited to) Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Watts and Culver City. We also may travel to other locations such as Pasadena, Antelope Valley and Lancaster, so families should be prepared to travel to away games on certain Saturdays. Please visit the  Southern California Conference website for more info on the field locations of the other leagues we compete against.

Q.  Are all the games played on the weekend?
A.  All games are held on Saturdays and begin in late August, official dates TBD. Home games will be played at Torrance High School on the football field. Away games are held within the Southern California  Conference associations.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from games.

Q.  Can I register my child even if they are not present at registration?
A.  All players must register online prior to attending in-person registration dates.

Your child SHOULD be present for the cheer fitting in order to get properly sized and cheer uniform ordered. 

All registration paperwork must be completed and turned in by July 1st.

Q.  Can I get a refund if my child drops out of cheer?
A. A participant has until June 8th, 2023 to drop out of TYFC to receive a refund of your registration fee. Participants who drop out between February 13th and May 1st will receive a refund, less a non-refundable fee of $50. Participants who drop out between May 2nd and June 1st will receive a refund, less a non-refundable fee of $100.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER JUNE 8TH. This refund policy applies to both football and cheer programs.

Participants who plan on canceling their registration must notify the league President by email. The date of notification is the effective cancellation date.

Q: How much volunteer time is expected from parents? 
A: Parents are expected to volunteer for league and/or team activities during  TYFC's season, which includes playoffs, bowl games and cheer competitions. Each family is required to put in a minimum of 4 volunteer hours. Opportunities include (but are not limited to), assisting during game day (field security, parking lot patrol, chain gang, field set up/take down, spotter duty, score board, snack bar duty, and other team specific duties). The league will be collecting a $150 check per player from each family. Once volunteer requirements are met, your check will be returned.

Q.Why is Pop Warner so expensive?
A.  Compared to most recreational sports there is significantly more participation time and equipment provided to a participant in Pop Warner. Tackle football athletes and cheerleaders are supervised in TYFC programs for almost 700 hours of practice and game time during a regular season. Your registration fees contribute to the following costs: fees for use of the schools, fields, and parks for practices and games, game day custodians, referees, field lights, snack bar staffing, uniforms, Southern California Conference fees, game day onsite EMTs, picture package, insurance, cheer accessories, cheer competition, equipment reconditioning, and new equipment purchases. 

We also heavily rely on fundraising efforts to support our Torrance Pop Warner football and cheer association. Without these funds our organization would not be able to exist.

Q.  How do I register my child?
A. Easy! Click on the "Registration" tab and follow the instructions.

Q.  Do the cheerleaders compete in cheer competitions?
A. Cheerleading is not just about the games. Our girls not only practice hard to be there for their fellow TYFC football players and families, but they are also ramping up and preparing for their biggest day of the season…The West Coast Conference Cheer and Dance Competition!!!!

The Cheerleading competition is a very exciting and worthwhile experience for our girls.  Not only do they showcase to their family and friends the culmination of all their hard work during the cheer season, but they also compete against girls their own age and skill level.  Many parents are simply amazed at how much their child has grown and learned during the season.

Watching the girls during the competitions will make you realize what talented, dedicated, and hard-working individuals each one of them are.  Their spirit and energy are truly contagious!

Q.  Do the cheerleaders have to do fundraising?
A.  Fundraising is an important component that helps support the TYFC association and minimize costs of cheer competitions. 

A league-wide fundraiser for all cheerleaders and football players is held at the beginning of the season. 

All other fundraisers will be determined at each squad level in order to provide financial relief for families associated with travel expenses, or other needs as determined by the squad, coaches and parents.

Q.  What does my child wear to practice?
pirit wear, will be identified as preferred practice attire. However, any  Athletic style clothes and shoes must be worn to practice

Please note - no spaghetti strap shirts, baggy shirts, street shoes, nail polish, long nails or jewelry are allowed. Hair must be tied back. 

*Earrings are not allowed at practice or on the game field. Any Cheerleader with earrings will be asked to remove them, even if the piercing is new.  This is for the safety of our cheerleaders.

Q.  What is included in the registration fee?

  • Jamz Camp registration fee
  • Individual and Team picture package
  •  A minimum of 8 games for Flag and 10 games for Tackle teams as well as possible playoff game(s)
  •  Fees pay for Pop Warner insurance and West Coast Conference team fees as well as all high school field, lights, custodial, EMT and referee fees
  •  Registration fees also cover all training, practice equipment gym fees
  •  Spirit Pack (shorts, shirt, bow) and additional 2 bows

Contact Us

Torrance Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

24325 Crenshaw Blvd, 0365
Torrance, California 90505

Phone: 424-209-9257
Email: [email protected]

Torrance Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

24325 Crenshaw Blvd, 0365
Torrance, California 90505

Phone: 424-209-9257
Email: [email protected]
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