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Torrance Youth Football & Cheer (TYFC) is committed to cultivating a safe and welcoming environment for its events and programs that encourages and promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, parents, coaches, administrators and other spectators. Together we can ensure that all of our children and participants have a better understanding of the issue and can help make all of our programs enjoyable for everyone.

We ask that event participants and attendees cooperate in being respectful at all events, including practices, competition venues, partner hotels and/or ancillary venues. All those involved with the event are expected to refrain from the following behaviors:

  1. Acting in a way that is unruly, disruptive or illegal in nature.

  2. Intoxication or other signs of impairment that may potentially result in bad behavior.

  3. Use of profanities and other vulgar language that interfere with other attendees’ ability to enjoy the event.

  4. Using bigoted, demeaning, abusive or other disruptive and intimidating language and/or gestures.

  5. Verbal or physical harassment of officials, participants and coaches before, during and following the competition.

  6. Disrupting the progress of competition, practices and events (including physically entering or throwing objects onto the playing field).

  7. Interfering with or failing to abide by security or emergency procedures or response

  8. Displaying signs that contain offensive language, or any graphic art that may be deemed disrespectful.

  9. Defacing, destruction or theft of property associated with the event, including property of the opposing team or other participants, including officials, as well as official venues.

  10. Violence or threats of violence against other individuals at any official venue.

  11. Publicly criticizing or making derogatory statements of an official, opposing teams, event personnel or its policies, or other individuals associated with the event. This includes comments with respect to their conduct, character, competence, integrity or appearance. Note: social media is deemed a public forum (including group chats and text messaging).

  12. Failing to follow instructions of event personnel.

  13. Any behavior which otherwise violates conduct codes set by partner venues, hotels or ancillary venues including but not limited to theme parks, as enforced by those properties.

  14. Any other acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying (including cyber-bullying) not referenced above. “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any gesture, any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, whether it be a single incident or a series of incidents that:

  • Is reasonably perceived as being motivated by either any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical or sensory disability; or

  • By any other distinguishing characteristic; and that

  • Takes place in relation to any Torrance Panther’s program function or team; and that

  • A reasonable person should know, under the circumstances, will have the effect of physically or emotionally harming a player or damaging the player’s property, or placing a player in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm to his/her person or damage to his/her property; or

  • Has the effect of insulting or demeaning any player or group of players; or

  • Creates a hostile environment for the player by interfering with a player’s participation or by severely or pervasively causing physical or emotional harm to the player.

Failure to abide by these expectations are grounds for removal from an event or competition, including current and future events and competition. TYFC reserves the right to remove individuals or the entire team. Depending on the infraction, a ban from TYFC events and programs will be considered. A repeat offense of the same infraction may result in a permanent ban. All removals will be without refund.


In addition to the General Code of Conduct, all TYFC coaches, administrators and other program volunteers shall:

  1. Create a positive, safe and healthy environment, free of abuse and harassment, for all participants and their families.

  2. Not criticize athletes in front of spectators, but reserve constructive criticism for later, in private, or in the presence of team members if others might benefit.

  3. Accept decisions of the game officials and judges on the field and in competitions as being fair and called to the best ability of said officials.

  4. Not criticize an opposing team, its athletes, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or by gesture.

  5. Emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students and that both are physically and mentally alert.

  6. Strive to make every athletic activity serve as a training ground for life, and a basis for good mental and physical health.

  7. Remove from a game, competition or practice any athlete when even slightly in doubt about his/her health, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical advice is available.

  8. Emphasize that winning is the result of good teamwork.

  9. Not engage in excessive sideline coaching and shall not leave the bench area/coaches’ designated seating area to shout instructions from the sidelines or competition mat.

  10. Together with team officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of team, fans and spectators at all times. Any fan who becomes a nuisance and out of control will be asked to leave.

  11. Not use abusive or profane language at any time.

  12. Not receive any payment, in cash or kind, for services as a volunteer or athlete involved in TYFC, the Southern California Conference (SCC) or Pop Warner. This includes any coach, expert, consultant or choreographer, regardless of his/her roster status.

  13. Not recommend or distribute any medication, controlled or over the counter, except as specifically prescribed by an athlete’s physician.

  14. Not permit an ineligible athlete to participate in a game/competition.

  15. Not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct.

  16. Not possess or drink alcoholic beverages and/or use illegal substance(s) on either the game, practice field/practice area or competition venue.

  17. Not smoke, vape and/or use smokeless tobacco on the field.

  18. Uphold all rules and regulations regarding Pop Warner programs.

  19. Refrain from engaging in any action within or outside TYFC which in sole and  absolute discretion reflects negatively upon, or causes embarrassment to, the TYFC program.

TYFC shall have the authority to take corrective actions for violations of this Policy, up to and including permanent expulsion from the program.



TYFC does not allow retaliation against or intimidation of anyone for their good faith:

  • Reporting of a concern

  • Objecting to conduct that may be a violation of the Code of Conduct, laws and/or regulations

  • Participating in any investigation or proceeding related to a potential violation, including activity under applicable laws and/or regulations

You are in violation of this policy if you retaliate against or intimidate anyone for reporting potential Code of Conduct violations, laws or regulations, participating in an investigation or other related activity or protected activity. Violations of this Policy are subject to corrective action by TYFC, and may also subject you to criminal and/or civil liability under U.S. federal, state and local laws.

Some examples of direct retaliation could include threats/harassment, change in responsibilities or unsubstantiated corrective action. Indirect retaliation could include withholding information, isolating/decreasing teamwork or being excluded from activities and events related to TYFC. 


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Torrance Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

24325 Crenshaw Blvd, 0345
Torrance, California 90505

Phone: 424-209-9257
Email: [email protected]

Torrance Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

24325 Crenshaw Blvd, 0345
Torrance, California 90505

Phone: 424-209-9257
Email: [email protected]
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